Lifestyle Services

Location Services

The demands of professional sport often requires frequent relocation. Our team at ESM are able to source all types of property in line with any requirement. We work locally with real estate companies as well as internationally to support any move your career may take you.


Restaurants/Bars/Clubs/Tickets/ Holidays/ Hotels/ Jewellers/Clothing/Sports Apparel.

We are able to provide VIP concierge services to all clients ensuring that everything is provided for, from the best tables in clubs, to the best ringside seats and beyond.


Our independent legal partner is trusted to help you should you require any legal services throughout your career. As a law firm specialising in sports, they have worked with clubs   and organisations at the highest level and in doing so bring the utmost professionalism and confidentiality to every case.


We have exclusive VIP deals on all handsets and tariffs through our affiliated partner.


ESM have long standing relationships with specialised partners who deal exclusively and   confidentially for any vehicle need for both you and your family.